Installation Checklist

When Installing your Turbocharger, make sure that you:

Replace or clean out all oil supply lines and fittings. If these lines get plugged with gunk, it will restrict oil flow and drainage and shorten the life of your turbocharger.

Clean out the air intake lines from the filter to the turbo and from the turbo to the engine ESPECIALLY if your last turbo failed because of a problem with the compressor wheel. Any debris in this system can destroy your turbo or get into your engine.

Do NOT used teflon thread tape or silicon on fittings.

Remove all plugs and caps from your turbo before connecting lines. The caps are to keep the turbo clean on the inside before it is installed. They should not be left on. (This happens all the time)

Fill the turbocharger bearing housing with oil before installing your lines. Then crank the engine over until oil pressure comes up before you start the engine. You should shut off the fuel or disable the ignition to prevent the engine from starting during this process.

Let the engine idle for a few minutes at around 1000 RPM to seat the seals.

Slow idle the engine for a few minutes before shutting down to let the turbo spin down. Once you shut down the engine you also shut off the oil supply. See How To Make My Turbo Last for more recommendations on extending turbo life.